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FANAR - Оправки MasterSYNC - 2015 EN PL

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                                    Oprawki do gwintowania
                                                             Tap holders

General information

Modern CNC machines have the capability of synchronizing the spindle
rotation to match the feed advance for a specic tap pitch. The «Rigid»
or synchronized tapping cycle is very accurate, but it is impossible to
avoid small discrepancies between the machine synchronization and
the actual pitch of the specic tap being used. Using a rigid tap holder
MasterSYNC means that any deviation at all increases the thrust forces
acting on the tap and this dramatically reduces tap life.

                 MASTERSYNC - Unique solution

Rule of action                                                            Unique exor

At the heart of MasterSYNC is a precisely machined exure
which provides axial and radial compensation for the
unavoidable discrepancy between the machine feed advance
and the actual tap pitch. By compensating for this error, the
thrust forces acting on the tap are dramatically reduced. The
result is the longest possible tap life, 100 % improvement or
more, and much better quality threads.

By limiting the axial compensation travel, and      Axial micro compensation
torsional forces acting on the exure, millions of  is closely limited
holes can be tapped without causing the             (mechanically secured)
MasterSYNC holder to fatigue, take a set, or wear
out.                                                Torque is transmitted
                                                    through the drive pins –
                                                    not through the exure.

Features and Advantages

• increase tap life by 100 % or more
• improves thread quality
• reduces downtime by lowering frequency of tap replacement
• available with high pressure internal coolant system up to 80 bar
• Axial compensation +/- 0.5mm

• only for machines with synchronized tapping cycle

Case study:
Comparison tapping with an M6 spiral uted tap in 6061 Aluminum to depth of 18 mm.

            600  Na sztywno                         Test results

            500  Konkurent 1                        MasterSYNC tap holders have been tested and they
                 Konkurent 2

                                                         Master SYNC have conrmed the dramatic improvement in tap life, and
            400 thread quality resulting from the reduction of thrust forces

Thrust (N)  300 acting on the tap.

            200 The graph to the left is an example of a test using a Kistler

                                                                           dynamometer to measure the thrust forces during the


                                                                           tapping process. As you can see from the graph,

            0 although the competitive holders do reduce thrust forces

            -100 compared to a rigid tap holder, they are not as effective

                 Depth MasterSYNC

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